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Caravansè Restaurant

Wanderers Seeking Refreshment

A Walk Becomes a Walk by Taking It

“He who has reached, albeit partially, the freedom of reason, can only feel like a wanderer on this earth … not a traveler aiming at a final goal as this does not exist. On the contrary, such individuals will want to keep their eyes wide open to realize how things are really going in the world; hence they will not be able to tie their heart too firmly to any particular thing. They must enclose something errant that finds its joy in change and transience”. The Wanderer and His Shadow. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

As the name suggests it - (Caravansé, “caravanserai”, a building usually consisting of a wall enclosing a large yard and an arcade, which was used by convoys to rest when crossing the desert) – when eating at the “Caravansé” Restaurant one is free to let his imagination run freely and wildly.

Hence, influenced by places, food, atmosphere, those eating at Caravansé can imagine themselves as a “wanderer in a moving convoy who, after a journey of dreams and visions under the torrid sun of the desert, seek quiet and a place to meet. And they also seek nourishment for their soul and light for their shadow resulting from the sun of knowledge”.

Everything is symbol and analogy. Everything nourishes your mind. The Caravansè Restaurant symbolizes the “errant” man, the wanderer seeking refreshment; it is the metaphor of the travel as metaphor of knowledge.

Enjoy your journey!

Nourishment for Your Soul

Useful Information on the Caravansè Restaurant:

Opening Times:
From Tuesday to Sunday
01:00 p.m.-04:00 p.m. (lunch)
08:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. (dinner)
Closed on Mondays

Reservations: Ph (+39) 335/6259965