Who we are


The new way of having a holiday


A new concept of “holiday” that can overturn all reservations about camping. What are you waiting for?

Here is the challenge. Imagine you are living in a place immersed in nature. A natural environment with all its dangers, which goes on with the laws of chaos and is always ready to distort events. Imagine breathtaking glimpses of a landscape that plunge your spirit into deep reflections on the sense of life.

Ready to take on the challenge?
Are you ready to give up to all comforts, luxury and benefits of your “hyper-techno-civilized” life”?
If your answer is no, then here is the surprise.
Glamping (a contraction of the words Glamour and Camping)! A new style of camping that will permit you the maximum integration with the natural environment without giving up all comforts and everything “very softly”.

Dodo Village: a complex of dwellings realized in the open countryside (and now you can stop imagining) where accommodation is in cottages and gher camps (or yurts, typical Mongolian dwellings), where you sleep on king size beds and walk barefoot on Persian rugs. “Eco-radical-chic” accommodation that are on a par with five-star hotels and the most luxurious resorts: bedside tables, closets, minibar, private bathroom, hydromassage, Wi-Fi, tablet (supplied upon request) to communicate with either the staff or the other guests (a € 250, 00 deposit is required and will be returned to you upon your departure).

From Camping to Glamping. The transformation is under way.
This is the challenge of the Dodo Village!
Re-designing the concept of luxury holidays.
Offering everybody the kind of hospitality that, within simple structures and equipped with all comforts, can make the “tourist” feel reassured as to where they are but also feel free to escape at any moment.

THE TIME HAS COME TO START USING OUR SENSES AGAIN (touch, sight, smell, taste and hearing).

A tourist with well defined “genetic” connotations: looking for authenticity, relaxation, evasion, culture, resourceful and curious, flexible and demanding, physically active, esoteric and enigmatic, reliable and elusive, “someone who thinks of their future …and goes forwards bravely to the horizon waiting for them”.

A Quick Jump in Time

From Camping to Glamping

Camping as a sport dates back to the end of XIX century. From the United States, it spread to Great Britain in the early XX century. In the Fifties and Sixties, camping in Europe was the typical holiday of nature lovers: people travelled by car to unknown destinations and equipped with tents. As time went by, traditional campgrounds gradually transformed into “Campground Villages”, a perfect mix between camping and touristic resorts, hence launching a real trend that would have changed the concept of campgrounds.

From Camping Villages to Glamping is but a short step. This frontier of camping rides the boom requests for eco-holidays and offers luxury at reduced costs. Originally, from hot African destinations, it first became popular in Europe where it has rapidly grown over the last years. French and English people like it. It is already a consolidated tradition in their countries. It took root in places with very cold climates such as Switzerland and in the Mediterranean area in such countries like Spain and Portugal to finally arrive also in Italy.

The Dodo Village is perfectly in line with and inserted between those camping-chic projects that aim at a near future: a future that can offer its customers an increasingly diversified offer of accommodation solutions (typical tents of diverse origins and from every country, from Indian Tepees to Berber tents to the tree house to be inaugurated during the 2013 season).